quinta-feira, junho 09, 2005

estou adicta

"Why you were born? What do you seek in life? What is the reason behind your existence?

You seek pleasure. you like to enjoy every minute of your life and some how you found a way to do so, i'm not going to say you are shallow but you tend not to complicate things, you believe that life is simple and the glass is always half full, generally it is a very good and a healthy way to be optimistic but don't go so far so you don't waste your life don't know why you are here. try to look deeper inside you, you might know. You are best at jobs needs a sociable, creative person like you, such as painters, writers,....."

Qual terapia, qual quê! Isto é muito melhor!!!!!!

(e grátis!!!)

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Phi@ disse...

estes quizzes sao realmente viciantes (e como diria o paulo gonçalves, é um facto!!), e a culpa é toda tua, e ainda bem assim ja sei o que fazer nas horas mortas!!!! lolol