quinta-feira, novembro 15, 2007

depois de várias semanas deste cenário...

Mãos à obra! Operação Arrumação Furacão a iniciar!
Sim, porque eu não quero arder no inferno...

"Did you know that keeping things neat, clean and tidy is good for your health? Yes it is! Mentally, physically and spiritually! It also helps you to be more efficient at whatever you do. And with a well-ordered mind, you even get smarter.

Have you noticed these days that people seem to take pride in how sloppy they are or how messy their rooms are? People that try to have a well-ordered life and use their time and effort wisely are called geeks and nerds and laughed at. Well this is because Satan is working hard in these last days to get people to love what will destroy them and hate everything that is heavenly and good.

Heaven is a place of order and neatness. Everything is neat and proper up there. The angels love to be neat and orderly and if you don’t know how to be this way, just ask Jesus and He will have the angels help you to know how to do it.

I don’t mean that angels will tidy your room for you; that would not help you to learn. They will impress your mind with how to do the job. And when you live a life of order and your rooms, desks, work and play areas are neat, you will soon come to realize that the devil is a liar and being sloppy and messy is NOT the way to be happy and have real pleasure in life!"

ele há com cada um com cada coisa nesta internet...

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